New Single Premiere: Pandafan - "November"

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Pandafan is a Long Island indie folk group with a knack for delivering distinctly emotive music, with harmonies which linger in your ears long after the last note has finished. To get the band's full origin story, see our official Pandafan Artist Feature.

In the year since releasing Ocean B-Sides, Pandafan has clearly been hard at work chiseling away at their craft from both a creative, and production standpoint. The first 30 seconds or so of “November” does a wonderful job of creating an abstract, yet tangible atmosphere for the listener to inhabit so that when the song does kick in you’re all set to be sonically swept away. 
Pandafan takes the time to establish a distinct sonic landscape, making for a compelling new release.

This new release is also remarkably well done in a technical sense. It is clear that a great deal of care was put into the distribution of each sonic element within the stereo field. There is a subtly complex mix of elements swirling around in the landscape "November" has built, which allows for a multi-layered experience, and demands several listens to digest. May we suggest enjoying with good pair of headphones, or at the very least a set of earbuds.

For fans of classic indie folk mainstays like Fleet Foxes, First Aid Kit, or The Staves; if you have any sort of affinity for carefully crafted, vivid, colorful musical extrapolations then do yourself a favor and add “November” to your “On Repeat” playlist.

Watch the beautifully animated "November" music video below:

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